Terlet Lee Design

Business Cards

Mantle Contracting

The owner already had a business card done for him but I decided to make my own for practice. Using the existing logo, bright greens and a white were added to give it a fresh look. while the curved shape in the corner highlight the services.

The Lovely Barber

I toyed with the idea of using heart + scissors for the barber shop logo and had “Lovely” outlined with a dotted line to replicate the scissor cut lines. The color palette is given a classic treatment with the cream background and classic blue and red we come to know. The border is also a classic barber pattern to give it more character.

Top Shelf Pottery

Two words, shelf + pottery were considered when I conceptualized the logo. “Glitter” lines as I call them, surround the pottery to give it a “top shelf” feeling. The color palette is a clay yellow and clay green combination. Leaves surround the design as most pottery is associated with flowers.

Butterfly Designs

The challenge here was to make the butterfly as circular as possible to fit inside a circle. The design is tat